Greatest Hits

The Very Best of the essential greatest hits - album cover

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  1. Intro / Person Centered Plan
  2.  Three Times a Week (The Outing Song)
  3. The Biter
  4. Would You Mind Not Micromanaging Me
  5. I Will Survive
  6. Everybody Has A Gift
  7. She Uses The F-word Quite Frequently
  8. Cog World
  9. My Gap (The Integrity Gap Song)
  10. This Is Your Last Day
  11. You Must Be A Saint
  12. Stacy Kerr Is My Case Manager
  13. Help Wanted
  14. I’m Bored
  15. A Few Things I’d Like to Tell My Employer
  16. Learning My ABC’s
  17. Get This Crap Away From Me
  18. I’m Gonna Write You Up
  19. Your PRN
  20. Our Way
  21. I Mark the Line
  22. Thanks for the Mellaril
  23. 7 Ways to Cause a Crisis
  24. People Get Ready
  25. The Bowel Song

    Bonus tracks:

  26. Hey DSPs!
  27. Difference in Me
  28. Acoustic Hip-Hop Medley