Consulting & Training


Peter consults with individuals, families, organizations, counties, and states in areas such as personalized supports, “challenging behavior”, building community relationships, and supporting and valuing direct care staff. He conducts training and learning opportunities for paid staff and others in support roles on topics such as: power and control; teamwork; improving quality; re-thinking difficult behavior; contributing in community life and …

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Conference Speaking


Whether it is a keynote speech, workshops, singing his humorous “human serviceland” songs, or all of the above, Peter often presents and performs at conferences. Ask him about coming to YOUR conference!

Peter is an excellent motivational speaker for caregivers! He knows how we feel and what we do, and he inspires us to do our best. Bring him back! …

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Music, CDs & Videos


Peter has made two videos for training/conversations, as well as 6 CDs of human serviceland music. You want these resources! The videos are used to prompt conversations about what quality support can look like, and ways we can avoid setting people up for difficult behavior and crises. The songs celebrate people he has known, point out the ways the system can let people down, and seemingly random things like bowels. Be sure to check out what a good deal the “bundle package” is!
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Call or email Peter to discuss how he can put his skills to work for you.