Peter Leidy Videos

Learning from people with disabilities and those who support them since 1983

Peter talks – and sings – about his work & other passions

1Some thoughts to ponder… and be sure to check out Open Future Learning

2Some thoughts to ponder.
Open Future Learning

3Non-compliant, or assertive?  Norm and Emma’s
online conference center

4 A tribute to the great #80 upon his retirement a couple years back.

5The Bowel Song: Let yourself be moved.

6I love Wisconsin.  Here are some reasons why.

7Wisconsin Self Determination Conferences!

8Singalong at the
Toronto Summer Institute

9My video trailer: 7 Ways to Cause/ Prevent a Crisis
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10Check out this important new paper by John O’Brien More Cogworld on DDN

You can watch more Videos on the Personal Songs page and on my YouTube channel