American Family Dream Bank workshop – Madison, WI


What’s the Big Idea? Unlocking Creativity, Getting Results, and Having Fun

821 East Washington Avenue, Madison, WI 53703

Free and open to the public


Discover how to generate more creative ideas in less time; re-thinking how meetings are structured; deepening listening skills; and increasing the engagement of stakeholders.

I would LOVE to see you at a workshop I’m doing at the American Family Dream Bank which is located on East Wash by the new Sylvee music venue. It will be informative, interactive, fun, and you will leave with practical takeaways. 

It’s called “What’s the Big Idea? Unlocking Creativity, Getting Results, and Having Fun.” And it’s free! and here is where you register - Dreambank


Peter Leidy Dreambank event What's the Big Idea?

Do you have meetings you dread, or feel are a waste of time, or that are spent more in argument rather than progress?

It’s more than just your workplace. It’s about communicating differently to move forward, getting stuff done, problem solving, generating creative ideas, and collaborating for … buzzword alert … innovation!

In this workshop you will learn some new pathways to creativity, and take away a practical strategy that you can implement immediately. You will see the difference between a typical meeting and a meeting that has come to life. Not to mention you’ll have fun!

Whether your focus is

  • community development
  • small business
  • large business
  • non-profit 
  • faith community
  • health care
  • equity
  • inclusion
  • serving on committees or boards
  • education
  • government
  • advocacy
  • social justice
  • politics
  • your family

… this one is for you.

Hope to see you there. Bring your team!