Virtual Conference Speaker – Indianapolis, IN


Annual INARF Conference - Indianapolis, IN

Columbia, MO

Originally scheduled for the annual March, I'll be conducting a virtual session "Shoulder to Shoulder: Honoring and Celebrating DSPs"

In a field with low pay and high turnover, we need to recognize the importance of truly valuing, honoring, and supporting the people providing day-to-day support. Direct Support Professionals have a lot to say about what's necessary to keep them committed to, and engaged in, their work. They very often have great ideas to improve support. Are we listening?

Participants will be able to:

  1. Describe specific strategies shown to reduce turnover and boost morale for DSPs
  2. Explain the connection between person-centered direct support and increased quality of life for persons with disabilities and Direct Support Professionals
  3. Demonstrate innovative methods for problem solving, brainstorming, and generating ideas

NARF (Indiana Association of Rehabilitation Facilities, Inc) serves over 50,000 Indiana citizens annually.

Individuals with disabilities must have timely access to a full range of services and supports. Individuals with disabilities must have a range of options from which to select services and supports. The selection of services and service providers by individuals with disabilities must be driven by consumer choice.

Peter Leidy is a consultant, speaker, and trainer who works throughout the US and Canada to help build more effective and innovative teams.