Autism Workshop – Stevens Point


Autism: Looking Thru the Lens of Sensory & Motor Difference

Stevens Point, Wisconsin

 This workshop with Michael Shoultz will provide caregivers and staff with information and strategies to better understand and re- spond to the challenges that they face in order to effec- tively support people with autism and similar communi- cation, sensory, learning and behavioral differences.

Good support...

  • celebrates and builds on strengths and interests,
  • understands/addresses sensory & movement differences,
  • develops effective communication/collaboration skills,
  • implements proactive instructional supports and offers positive behavioral interventions.

Through case examples and interactive learning opportunities, participants will practice understanding autism through the lens of sensory and movement differences. Participants will be guided in applying the principles and practices learned in the workshop in their relationship with a person they support. Individual participants will benefit from this practical, interactive workshop. Teams of people will have a very good opportunity to make their support of a person even better.