Keynote Speaker – Circles of Life conference – Stevens Point


Keynote and Presentations for annual Wisconsin conference

Stevens Point, WI

Keynote Address - We’re All In This Together:
Staying Focused on the Person/Family in Challenging Times

It's easy to feel overwhelmed by pressures that come with challenging work, confusing bureaucracies, and precarious funding. We are living in divisive times, with high levels of stress and anxiety.

So let's take time to remember the good things in life! In this entertaining and motivating presentation, Peter will share some ideas to help us keep people we support first, celebrate the important work we do, and engage others to work with us on the journey to promote connections and quality in people’s lives.

Break Out Session: Accept Every Offer!
A new way of working together to build community, find new ideas for connection, and boost morale One of the rules of improv comedy (yes, improv has rules...) is to accept every offer. To switch from “yes, but” to “yes, AND”. On stage, blocking your partner is not allowed, because it stops the story in its tracks and makes your partner look bad. In our families and workplaces, blocking is common. It doesn’t have to be.

We will not be performing in this session (so don’t worry!) but rather learning how improv skills can be used in our work. Improv provides a supportive environment that allows participants to take risks, try out new ideas, and build their confidence. And it invites us to imagine new possibilities for connections, valued social roles, and inclusion.

Break Out Session: Cultivating Compassion and Reducing Stress

  • Do you spend significant amounts of time caring for others in your job or personal life?
  • Does your life sometimes feel overwhelming or stressful?
  • Do you think more about the past or future rather than being fully present in whatever you are doing?

If so, you are not alone. Mindfulness practice can help by bringing a sense of clarity, purpose and lightness to our minds and spirits.

Circles of Life is Wisconsin’s annual conference for parents and family members who have children with disabilities and professionals who support them.