Ethics and Boundaries Training – Eau Claire, WI


Developmental Disabilities Network

At Best Western Conference Center

3340 Mondavi Road, Eau Claire,Wisconsin

What Matters Most and What is Your Responsibility?

4-hour Ethics and Boundaries Training

Who should attend?

  • Adult and child social workers
  • Families, guardians and self advocates
  • Provider staff, care manage rs, case managers, brokers
  • County protective services, children's services staff
  • Managed care organizations
  • Other staff working with frail elders, children or adults with physical or intellectual disabilities

Whether you work with children or adults, with individuals just getting started or those at the end of life, including individuals with intellectual or other disabilities, there is a fundamental question. What matters to the person receiving support? Reporters say “Don’t bury the lead.” In our work, what matters to the person receiving support is arguably the lead.

There are almost always competing factors: between needs and wants; between stated goals (I want to be a nurse) and what those goals might mean daily (I want to help); between imposed behavioral expectations and a life that feels satisfying. There might be realities of limited time and resources. All things considered, what is our ethical obligation to identify and acknowledge what matters most to a person receiving support.

Link: Ethics and Boundaries 2017 .pdf