Keynote Speaker – CQL Conference – Indianapolis


Blueprint For Person-Centered Practices

Indianapolis, IN

Council on Quality and Leadership Conference

This conference is different.

The 2017 CQL Conference: Blueprint For Person-Centered Practices, puts ideas into action. CQL will be bringing together the experts spanning diverse spheres of human services, not only in principle, but in practice. Attendees will enter with aspirations of transformation, and leave with specific steps to help individual lives, whole organizations and entire systems, evolve.

CQL is laying out the blueprint for the problems facing human services, offering a design for person-centeredness that you can use in your everyday work, while covering topic areas like:   

  • CQL logo - This conference is different Rights
  • Advocacy
  •  Technology
  • Sexuality
  • Employment
  • Day Programs
  • Data Management/Analysis
  • Dignity & Risk
  • Community Access/Inclusion/Integration
  • Health
  • Abuse & Neglect
  • Respect
  • State-Level Quality Enhancement
  • And More!