NC Provider Association Conference ~ Winston Salem, NC


People Purpose Passion - Courage for Change, post-conference session

Winston Salem, NC

The North Carolina Alliance for Direct Support Professionals, Benchmarks and The North Carolina Council on Developmental Disabilities is very excited to partner again with the NC Provider Association's

I am  excited to meet with the best of the very best Direct Support Professionals in North Carolina! (That's you!) We will explore the intricate details of our work, including how to distinguish between care-giving and support among a variety of topics.

North Carolina Association Direct Support Professionals logoNCADSP envisions a world where all children and adults in need of support services have the opportunity to live community-based lives of their choosing and are supported by Direct Support Professionals who have the knowledge, skills, and values needed to assist them in achieving their life goals.

NCADSP's mission is to enhance the quality of support provided to all children and adults through the provision of products, services, and certifications which elevate the status of Direct Support Professionals, improve practice standards, promote systems reform and, most importantly, advance the knowledge, skills, and values of Direct Support Professionals.

NCADSP values the full participation of all children and adults in all aspects of community life through the provision of person-centered supports. We believe that high quality support requires all Direct Support Professionals follow the individual path suggested by the unique gifts, preferences and needs of each person they support, to walk in partnership with that person and those who love them, toward a life of opportunity, well-being, freedom, and contribution.