Summit on Crisis Prevention – Madison, WI


Dane County Human Services

At Madison, WI

Supported Living Summit on Crisis Prevention

Many children and adults labeled with “challenging behavior” spiral into crisis through actions and events that could have been avoided. When people are lonely and disconnected, when life is dull, when a “home” does not feel like home, when a place where someone spends the day is not a good match – the likelihood of unwanted behavior increases.

 In this session we will look at power and control in support relationships. Many people being supported feel that others are too often telling them what to do. The presenter believes that good quality support often reflects what support workers/EFH parents and foster parents bring into the job (and relationship) that is not part of the job description. The work is relational. The match means a lot. Who shows up makes a huge difference. This is not a session about techniques, but rather about how paying attention to quality of life relates to crisis prevention.

Read ==>"7 Ways to Prevent a Crisis" (.pdf)