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Reducing Stress and Cultivating Compassion

Dane County, WI

Workshop with Peter Leidy: Cultivating Compassion and Reducing Stress

  • Do you spend significant amounts of time caring for others in your job or personal life?
  • Does your life sometimes feel overwhelming or stressful?
  • Do you think more about the past or future rather than being fully present in whatever you are doing?

If so, you are not alone. Mindfulness practice can help by bringing a sense of clarity, purpose and lightness to our minds and spirits.

Quiet, calm, gratitude, happiness, and well-being are states of being we aspire to. Yet the realities of everyday living, the stresses we all continually contend with can put these qualities just beyond or grasp. So what can we do? We can train our brains to more naturally come to these states through the practice of mindfulness.

In these sessions we will:

Learn: specific strategies and practices tha promote well-being for yourself and those who cont on you.

Learn: what mindfulness is - and is NOT

Explore: ways to bring mindfulness into your daily life

One of several workshop days around Wisconsin with Community Living Connections.

CLC provides support that enables people to live in their own homes and participate in community life. Individuals with disabilities deserve equal opportunities to create their 'best life' - they just need additional support in order to do so.

Peter Leidy is a consultant, speaker, and trainer who works throughout the US and Canada to help build more effective and innovative teams.