Workshop with Community Living Connections – Dane County, WI


Whose Life Is It, Anyway?

Dane County, Wisconsin

In this session we will look at power and control in support relationships. We talk about choice all the time, but what does choice really mean? And does it differ from person to person?

Direct support staff play a key role in supporting people with disabilities to build meaningful lives. The quality of this support is enhanced when we make an effort to understand how these relationships are influenced by control and power in people’s lives… who should have it and who really does have it?

As we go about our work as individuals, allies, and teams to support and empower people with disabilities to live and work as members of the community, let’s keep asking the question: Whose life is it, anyway?

Workshop description link: Whose life is it Anyway?

One of several workshop days around Wisconsin with Community Living Connections.

Community Living Connections is a progressive organization that values all of its employees and promotes a work/life balance through a flexible, casual, friendly work environment.

Peter Leidy is a consultant, speaker, and trainer who works throughout the US and Canada to help build more effective and innovative teams.