Lyn J. Dowler

I was fortunate enough to have attended a Peter Leidy workshop. I was a bit concerned when I noticed that this consultant, trainer and speaker on human services arrived with only a GUITAR (and what turned out to be a fabulous sense of humor), but after five hours of listening to Peter engage, educate and thoroughly entertain an audience of Direct Support Professionals, consumer/clients and administrators, I became a Peter Leidy follower!

Although I haven’t learned to sing my way through modules, there isn’t one of Peter Leidy’s DVD’s or CD’s that I don’t own or that doesn’t contribute to, educate or lighten up any presentation, including ITP’s, Trauma, Crisis, Behavior, Principles of Instruction, Working in the Home and especially Community Resources.

Lyn J. Dowler
Ptooey's Educational Services
Wells Beach, Maine